House extensions - Project and Construction | Building Extensions And Loft Conversion
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House extensions

Due to the fluctuating house prices and high moving fees in UK many home owners are choosing to keep the home they already love and make it suit their changing needs. If your needs changed you don’t have to move out, the solution for you is to extend your home and adapt you house to your new needs. Adding living space is more popular than ever, but many people start their extension project without knowing enough about design, the law, construction and planning. First thing to do is to be sure that what you want to do is legal and the law allows you to do the extension, second, many people don’t know that most home insurance providers will not cover the building if you are changing the structure of the build — for example extending, doing a conversion or renovation. When carrying out the works you need to have site insurance with a rated insurer to cover the existing structure and the new works until you complete the works. Know the Building Regulations for Extensions. The costs are not so high, so now it is the time to try.

House Extensions